Animal Welfare

Giving consumers healthy choices.

Pine Manor Farms are certified by Earth Claims which certifies under the standards set by the Global Animal Partnership - as we call "GAP"

Who is this standard setter and certification agencies?

Global Animal Partnship is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2008. It brings together farmers, ranchers, scientists, retailers, and animal advocates - a very diverse group with the common goal of wanting to improve the animal welfare of animals in agriculture. Their signature program - known as the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating standards are set into place at Pine Manor Farms.

If these standards are not met for all animals on the farm at the time of the audit/inspection - a Step rating will not be assigned. These standards are in place at our farms and our team of grow-out managers work with our Amish growers to assure the overall wellfare of the chickens we raise. Holding everyone accountable to achieve these goals.

We offer the consumer the choice of Pine Manor Anitiboitic Free, Step 2 chicken and we also offer Pine Manor Organic, Step 3 chicken.

Visit Global Animal Partnership and Whole Food Markets for more information.


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"I just wanted to let you know, I love, love your chicken!"
~ Cindy, Michigan

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Animal Welfare
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