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Wholesome, naturally raised and processed poultry

Galen Miller and his family feel strongly about the entire process of raising chickens naturally. From the time the egg is hatched until the packaged product reaches the store the Pine Manor brand chicken is under the watchful and caring eyes of the many team members of the Pine Manor Farms.

The chickens are raised without antibiotics and are fed an all-vegetable feed with no animal by-products. Quality of the feed is monitored by a nutritionist that specializes in feeding antibiotic free poultry along with organic poultry. This standard is tracked daily at our own feed mill.

The farm families that raise our chickens are caring families that want to produce a high quality chicken for you and your family. The GAP standards are practiced at these farms, which means these criteria for raising chickens under the animal welfare standards have to be in place daily.

The final practice at the processing plant is to process the chicken all naturally. The Air Chill process is just that simple - air chilled. The traditional method is a water bath - where the chicken is chilled in large tanks of water - the air chilled chicken is cleaned, rinsed and then chilled in a large air-chilled chamber. Western Europe and Canada have been using this method and believe it results in a more genuine chicken flavor. We think you would rather buy only pure chicken!

So you see, we here at Pine Manor Farms watch over the entire process of the hatching, raising and processing the chicken to ensure that our standards and quality are maintained the entire time. We hope that you will to appreciate all these steps to bring you the highest quality chicken available. Better yet, we hope you taste the difference!




"I just wanted to let you know, I love, love your chicken!"
~ Cindy, Michigan

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Healthy Food
Locally grown, Antibiotic Free and Organic lines, Vegetable fed, No bi-products, Air Chill
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Animal Welfare
GAP Certified Level 2 & 3
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