Air Chilled

What is air-chilled? What makes it different?

Simply put, the chicken is chilled with air, not water. Traditionally chicken is chilled in water. Pine Manor chicken, both Antibiotic Free and Organic is air-chilled. This simply means it uses a different cooling system in that process to chill the chicken. The air chilling process takes the chicken into a large cooler of air that circulates cold air throughout the room sealing in the flavor and giving it a more genuine chicken flavor. The closely monitored cooling chambers chill the chicken so there is no extra absorption of water. Western Europe and Canada have been using this method for years and believe it results in more genuine chicken flavor which is moist and tender. It is also believed that air-chilled chicken is cleaner with less chance of cross contamination because it is chilled with air not in large water baths. The meat is tender and moist when cooked and holds less retained water as it is not immersed for long periods of time in water to cool the temperature of the chicken.


Pine Manor stepped forward to install this system into the processing plant and is one of the few in the US to have an air-chilled process available.


We think you will enjoy the Air-Chilled difference.



"I just wanted to let you know, I love, love your chicken!"
~ Cindy, Michigan

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